North Sydney Pre-Schoolers


Bringing your child to North Sydney Preschool classes.

Welcome to Bridges to Music. We hope that you and your children enjoy the classes as much as we do.

It is always interesting as we watch the children get to know each other and learn to work together as a new group. If your child is new to the class, he or she may need time to settle. If they are a little reluctant to join in do not be concerned. Remember that the most important aspect of coming to the class is for your child to have a happy time, feel comfortable at all times and progress at his or her own pace. Parents and carers should stay with their children for as long as they are needed. Please do not hesitate to talk to me about any concerns that you may have.

There are a number of ways that you can help your child:

  • Please be sure to arrive on time or five minutes before commencement of the class particularly if your child is shy or concerned in any way. The beginning of the lesson is ‘tune-up and tune-in time.’ It is usually lots of fun and sets the scene for a successful class.

  • Regular attendance is vital for the success of your child’s progress.

  • It is very important that the children wear clothes that are nottoo long, too bulky or too loose. The children do lots of movement and we do not want pants and dresses falling off or falling down!

  • Be sure that your child is well hydrated and is toileted before class. Water bottles should be available to all the children.

  • When your child is working independently you are welcome to stay in the room, but it is essential that you do not chat. Toddlers must be kept quiet and still. If they become restless they can be taken outside to play. It is important to remember that even though the children are having a wonderful time, they and their teacher are working very hard to maintain concentration throughout the 30 minute or 45 minute class. Engagement is the key to success.

  • Please try to read and take note of the email notices that are sent out during the year. I try to keep all parents as informed as possible, particularly with dates for diaries. It is a good idea to enter days to remember into your diaries as soon as you are informed.


  • The North Sydney Community Centre has concession parking in the Ridge St car park. Remember your car number plate and enter into the system at the Community Centre to receive your concession parking.

  • The music room is at the far end of the Centre. It is best to access it via the playground on the far right as you are looking at the Centre. If you come in past the office, please enter quietly.

  • The acoustic of the room is very sharp due to the timber floor and it is a very large space for the children to work in. Please be aware of the disruption that can be caused by any extra noise.

  • If your child is playing outside in the playground, please be sure that they do not come to the window and distract the class in progress.

  • There are toilets for the children off the verandah. Please be sure to supervise your child in the toilets

It is wonderful to have such a good facility to teach in.  It is an essential ingredient to good musical development in Early Childhood. Thank you for helping us to look after it.

– Jane