Our Bridges to Music teachers are dedicated to the best music education outcomes for the children, reviewing and writing lesson plans from week to week, ensuring that the material used in each lesson is the most suitable for the currently enrolled children.

Many of the students, stay with the program until their second year of school gaining invaluable skills for ongoing instrumental study.

Jane Boyd

Principal and teacher (all levels)

Jane was inspired and encouraged to study Early Childhood Music with Dr Bridges after taking her own children to Dee’s (Dr Bridges) classes.

She has continued to study and train in the teaching philosophies of Dalcroze and Kodaly ever since. She has also participated in a number of Orff Schulwerk workshops.

Jane has a passionate belief in the importance of good Early Childhood Music Education having observed over many years the enormous developmental benefit that children gain from the program, not just musically, but comprehensively.

The combination of the Dalcroze philosophy, using the body as a primary connection to music, the Kodaly philosophy using the singing voice as the first instrument helping to develop essential aural skills and the percussive influence of Orff Schulwerk helped Jane create the Bridges to Music model of teaching which both parents and children come to value very quickly.

Simona Green

Pre-School Music and Movement teacher

Simona brings to the program an innate understanding of the teaching philosophies which Bridges to Music refers to.

She joined the program in 2012 and worked and trained with Jane before undertaking solo pre-school classes.

Since 2013 Simona has been teaching the Early Childhood program at the Sydney Conservatorium.

Simona grew up in Italy, studying languages, flute and Baroque recorders and has a Bachelor of Music Theory from the Conservatorium Giuseppe Verdi in Turin.

She has regularly attended Dalcroze Summer Schools and Workshops and understands the importance of movement as an integral component in early childhood music education.

In 2019 Simona has completed Songwriting Level 1 and 2 course at the Conservatorium Open Academy.

Simona is a passionate and dedicated musician and for the past 10 years has been studying the piano focusing on classical music and improvisation.