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Neutral Bay Pre-Instrumental Level 2


There is always a big change in the dynamic and structure of the final year of the children’s Early Childhood Music program. After this, it is onward and upward to the greater challenges of music education!

It is always exciting to try and gather a picture of all the pre-instrumental children coming together as one big group. Each group over the years has been completely different and has found strengths as a group and individually in different areas.

It is very important for the parents and the children of the Level 2 class to understand that they are entering a new phase in their music education.

The folders which were given to the children on Open Day will become a very important resource for them as the year progresses. Please encourage them to enjoy exploring some musical ideas based on what they remember from the work sheets. If you have any percussion instruments (even homemade ones) or other tuned instruments at home, the children might like to see what they can remember and then see if they might read, sing and/or play from their worksheets. Activities such as this will help them enormously when they take possession of their resonator bells in term 2.

Please make sure that the children’s music folders are kept in a safe place and brought to music every week. This will help you, the parents and the children to get into the habit of remembering that taking music and instruments are part of the weekly routine. The next step is practice! Once they are in possession of their bells, it is very important that they try to remember to take out their bells and play a little bit each week.

As the class is much larger, parents will not be able to stay in the class. I am aware that it is important that you are able to follow your child’s progress and so I suggest that if you want to sit in and observe a class it is best to pre-arrange it with Jane.

The children must bring a water bottle with them each week and that they have had some ‘down’ time and afternoon tea before coming to music. It is a very active hour!

The children may find the size of the class a little alarming to begin with, but they will settle into it and begin to really enjoy the new dynamic.

Please be sure to contact me if your child feels concerned or unsure of anything that is happening in the class.

– Jane