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Neutral Bay Pre-Instrumental Level 1


The children of the Pre Instrumental Level 1 class now move into a new phase of your children’s musical education, and it is exciting to observe what they learn throughout the year. The classes are bigger and there will always be 2 teachers.

Simona and I are very aware of how tired the children are as most of them have just started ‘big school’ and as a consequence, we try and make sure that the children have lots of fun, but are not over stretched. A fine balance needs to be struck when children are attending a class such as this after school.

The children will be given a portfolio on the first day to keep their work sheets in. I will look after them until the end of the year, when they are presented with all their work and a certificate in a sleeved folder.

Parents are welcome to take the portfolios home at the end of the term to see the children’s work, but it is essential that they are returned on the first day back. There will be a small surcharge on your account to cover the costs of the materials.

Please try to read and take note of the email notes that are sent out during the year. I try to keep all parents as informed as possible, particularly with dates for diaries. It is a good idea to enter days to remember into your diaries as soon as you are informed.

There are some important things to remember each week as follows.

  • Please try to have the children arrive on time for tuning up and tuning in. It makes a huge difference for the whole class if all of the children have been able to settle into the class after a long day at school.
  • All children will need to bring a water bottle and come to class refreshed with a change of clothes if possible.
  • Please be sure that your child goes to the bathroom before the class begins.
  • Try to be sure that the children have some ‘down’ time, plenty to drink and a high protein afternoon tea before the class commences. It helps their concentration if they are relaxed and rehydrated.

Please don’t forget that I am at the end of the phone at any time. I do understand the challenges that your children face coping with extra curricula activities outside school hours. I want to work with you closely until the children adjust to this demand. Pre-instrumental education is a critical part of their music education and we must try our hardest to make it work.

If you have any concerns about the program at all, please call me. It is very important that I have feedback from the parents, good or bad!! I am really looking forward to another year of music making with your children and thank you for your support.