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In these joyful, playful and expressive music classes for children ranging from 2-8yrs, they discover that their bodies and their voices are an integral connection to music and the rhythm of life itself.

This provides a solid platform for the child’s comprehensive development, resonating with them for a life-long enjoyment of music and the joy of playing of an instrument.

The program focuses on the children’s auditory, visual and physical responses to music.

We listen, sing, and move expressively, creatively and rhythmically, we discover the wonders of sound and we use age appropriate instruments.


The focus of learning for the pre-school children’s Music and Movement classes is play based and experiential, which enhances their innate understanding of music – learning to respond to musical queues and signals through an unconscious understanding of what is happening in the music. As the children move into the older groups the activities become more challenging requiring the children to develop their multi-tasking skills and consistently building on good listening skills.


The focus of learning for the school aged children’s Pre Instrumental classes is to gradually introduce the children to reading and writing music and playing instruments through a carefully structured Kodaly curriculum. This is supported by song, rhythmic and creative movement and improvisation. We also continue with the growing challenges that commence in the Music and Movement classes.

We are dedicated to the best teaching philosophies and practice which embraces a broad process of learning. It is a carefully researched, sequential and developmental music program, referring to the renowned teaching philosophies of Zoltan Kodaly, Carl Orff and Emile Jacques Dalcroze

Good Music Education is so vital in children’s lives and its sadly missing in most Childcare facilities and many schools due to lack of teacher training. Our classes fill a much needed gap in our education system, particularly in NSW.

Classes held at North Sydney Community Centre and St Augustine’s Church Hall, Neutral Bay.